Due to the nature of motorsport, TGR-E is a high-performance engineering company. The wide range of business activities like works motorsport, Toyota R&D (Research & Development) projects, third party businesses, customer motorsport, etc. is managed by a multi project management organization. The achievement of the quality targets in order to satisfy internal as well as external customers is steered by TGR-E’s Quality Management System (QMS) based on the continuous improvement philosophy, which represents a core value for TGR-E. All TGR-E employees are executing their job on an extremely high level, by considering customer requirements, legal obligations and further parameters within TGR-E’s context of the organization.


TGR-E is convinced that economic growth, motorsport and the conservation of natural environment are compatible. In order to minimize the impact of TGR-E’s products and activities on the environment, TGR-E commits to address the `Conservation of the Environment` as one of the core values of the company. By considering the context of the organization, TGR-E pays very high attention to comply with environmental laws and regulations and to prevent pollution. TGR-E continuously searches for new technologies that support the targets of improving products and business operations in order to reduce the environmental impact, while TGR-E also monitors its environmental performances for continual improvement. Furthermore, TGR-E forms alliances and cooperates with involved parties within the context, related groups and suppliers to involve all parties in TGR-E’s continuous effort. These statements belong to the worldwide Toyota philosophy and they are monitored by TGR-E’s environmental management system.


Since efficiency and performance belong to TGR-E’s main core values, TGR-E believes there is no compromise between working on a high engineering level and being aware of energy efficiency and energy saving. The reduction of CO2 emissions through the development of low-emission vehicles is TGR-E’s commitment to sustainability no matter whether for motorsport activities or for road vehicles. TGR-E always pays the highest attention to improve technologies by considering all aspects of energy use as well as the corresponding energy laws and regulations, which have influence on the products and activities. Therefore, TGR-E has also a particular focus on the overall energy consumption, which is monitored and controlled on a regular basis with the overall target to act as efficiently as possible. All activities are controlled and steered by the energy management system, which covers the entire company.