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Charge the race car from the Off-Grid DC Quick Charger in 90 minutes or just provide an energy boost in a few minutes to extend range or compensate for testing laps.

Charge the on-board energy storage from the grid in seven hours, overnight for example.

The Quick Charger provides independent energy on race tracks, during testing or at exhibitions and fairs.

Off-grid and off-board DC charging is efficient, fast and high power. No specific and costly installation is needed and the mobile system serves you wherever needed.

Battery-to-battery charging concept:

:: Off-board charger consists of power electronics and controls to perform DC charging of the car and of an energy storage system;

:: The system is mounted in a van and is therefore completely mobile;

:: Recharging of the energy storage system can be done wherever a standard power supply is available;

:: The system will allow for full charging of the energy storage from the grid in about seven hours;

:: The van brings the off-Grid DC Quick Charger to the electric car that shall be charged. This can be in any remote location without access to the right infrastructure;

:: DC car charging is designed for 25kW DC charging power to be transmitted;

:: A race car with 40 kWh battery capacity will be fully charged in about 90 minutes;

:: Any standard EV can get range recovery within a few minutes of charging;

:: Devices and protocols follow CHAdeMO standards;

:: The same safety standard apply as for the vehicle traction battery system and electrical design.

The Off-Grid DC Quick Charger made its first public appearance at the occasion of the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record attempt in 2012.


TGR-E DC Quick Charger Specifications
AC Grid Connection/Input
Grid Connection 400 V AC CEE 16A
Nominal Input Power 6.6kW
DC Vehicle Connection
Output Voltage 400 VDC
Maximum DC Output Power 25kW
Battery 42kWh, lithium ion
Technology Partner Schneider Electric (EVlink™)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 60°C
Protection Short-circuit protection, output fuse, over-current and over-voltage protection, under-voltage shutdown