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Job Location: 50858 Cologne, Germany

Your tasks:

  • Further development of TGR-E’s vehicle-dynamic software tools, full-vehicle simulation models, and model-based development processes
  • Apply your vehicle models to realtime hardware-in-the-loop facilities such as Driving Simulator, engine and gearbox dynos
  • Applying a range of software/modelling skills including C programming, Simulink and Commercial multibody simulation tools
  • Use your skills to support a diverse range of projects including the development of Le Mans race prototypes and high performance sports cars

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a Masters / Bachelors degree in a relevant engineering discipline
  • Have experience of simulation technologies such as dSpace Scalexio, Simulink, Dymola and FMI model exchange standards
  • Have proven software engineering competency in C, C++ or C# languages
  • Have sound knowledge of real-time dynamical systems modeling, signal processing and control theory
  • Write and speak professional English

What we offer:

  • exciting projects and a place for technical freedom and innovation to get things moving
  • attractive benefits packages e.g. competitive remuneration, social benefits, 30 days annual holiday, car leasing, free on-site gym
  • a challenging, fulfilling workplace in a multi-national company within a familiar atmosphere - driven by fascination and passion
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