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Christmas is a special time of the year. We wind down, focus on the important things and enjoy time with family and friends. For TGR-E employees the year ended in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. A traditional Christmas market was set up within the company grounds offering tasty glühwein, cocktails, tasty snacks like fried fish and crêpes as well as live music to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Our employees and their families joined colleagues on December 11 to celebrate the end of the year.

All employees – including family and friends – met early in the evening at the Chassis Workshop for the opening ceremony. Our top management and drivers presented an interesting and emotional annual review. Overseen by the top management, everyone took in the highs and lows of our 2015 season, before a very popular feature; the autograph session. This year’s was even more popular, with many colleagues taking the chance to get their shot taken alongside the retiring Alex Wurz next to his TS040 HYBRID.

Whoever was interested in one of the many aspects of TGR-E's history had the chance to get

lost in our museum. A place to let the heart beat faster, for big kids and little kids alike! While the grown-ups enjoyed one or two glasses of wine at the Christmas market stalls, the smaller guests chose from a variety of entertainment opportunities in the truck hall. A bobby car race track, climbing area and rodeo ride were just some of the few things keeping them busy.

"My kids have asked me directly the next day, when we then go back to celebrate with TGR-E", said one guest. Even Father Christmas visited the celebration - and of course he had some gifts for the children.

For the adults, a unique entertainment program was offered this year: There was the chance to test their skills in a driving simulator, competing directly against our professional WEC racers with a lap in the TS040 around Le Mans.

To capture the atmosphere that evening, also was a Photobox, although there were plenty of amusing snapshots taken on smartphones elsewhere during the evening.

The celebration is always a special highlight of the year. A happy gathering of colleagues and families, from the top management and the drivers to the entire workforce.  Overall it was a successful event again. "It's wonderful to spend time with colleagues and friends in a very nice, family atmosphere," said Eva "We have a special feeling of unity." For next year, we only hope for better weather and more trophies!

We thank all our employees for the great commitment, the work carried out using that perseverance and dedication in 2015 and we are working together for a more successful 2016! In the display case there is still room for a Le Mans trophy...