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What happens when top-level motorsport technology is brought to the field of para sports? TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe (TGR-E) has been innovating for answers for close to a decade and the Racing Wheelchair is the latest expression of this commitment to mobility.

Working hand in hand with experienced athletes to develop unique solutions, TGR-E's knowledge of para sports has reached new heights with the company's first Racing Wheelchair. 


TGR-E's engineers swapped the design of World Championship-winning race cars to begin a clean-sheet design of a Racing Wheelchair. Using techniques and technologies more familiar on the race tracks of the world, TGR-E engineers strived for the optimum shape, ensuring all the athlete's energy goes into forward motion. 

Working closely with top athlete Alhassane Baldé, already a multiple European Championship medal winner, TGR-E engineers used the latest technology and methods to conceptualise a new kind of Racing Wheelchair.

A key philosophy behind the development was the dream to create a platform which can be adapted to the size and shape of other athletes. Only a minority of components require modification to adjust the Racing Wheelchair to the needs of each athlete.

The result is a design as visually striking as it is technically innovative, bringing performance and safety together to elevate para sports technology to a new level. A Racing Wheelchair adaptable to most athletes, handmade and adjusted to each individual's exact requirements, crafted from the lightest, strongest materials available. 

The TGR-E Racing Wheelchair is born from a winning heritage on the race tracks of the world, and pushes the limits for better to create new successes in the para sports arena.

The base cost of the Racing Wheelchair is €37,850 (excluding VAT) plus individualisation packages (approx €5,000-€15,000), individual wheel sets (price upon inquiry) and delivery fees.

A brochure with further details can be downloaded here.






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What happens when top-level motorsport technology is brought to the field of para sports? TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe (TGR-E) has been innovating for...
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