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Is there a better way to win a World Championship than to do it in front of your family and friends? Cheered on by more than 600 TMG employees, their friends and families, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s WEC team achieved this at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, located only 130kms from the team’s Cologne base.

While the racing team was faced with treacherous weather conditions including heavy rain, hail and even snow showers during the six hours of racing, the TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) family could follow the action from a nice and warm lounge located right on top of the team’s pit garage. But the conditions did not prevent the brave ones to walk around the track and see the TS050 HYBRIDs charging past on their way to another overall victory. 

Before and during the race, the TMG lounge also saw some real VIPs – most TS050 HYBRID drivers – taking off their helmets and popping in to say hello, sign autograph cards and pose for selfies. But the best moment, of course, only came after the race when the whole WEC team including all six drivers found their way to the lounge to celebrate with their colleagues.

The event was certainly appreciated by TMG employees when they commented afterwards:

Ander: “Thank you for organising such a nice event. Despite the weather, we very much enjoyed and appreciated the day, the food and the atmosphere!”

Ramiro: “On behalf of my children and myself we would like to thank you and the entire staff for the wonderful event and the warm hospitality that was shown to us at Spa. It was, as my oldest son called it, ‘a most memorable event’. We all enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you very much.”

Thomas: ”We had great fun and everyone was very impressed with how well everything was organised. Just a small example: when we had parked our cars, we immediately got on the shuttle bus and five minutes later we were standing in the pit lane. With small children this is really great. So at this point a big praise to all who were involved.”

Dietmar: “Many thanks to all who made this day possible for us! Without hospitality and colleagues who organised everything, a race day at the track in this weather would hardly have been possible.”

Sven: “From my side, a big compliment to you. The event was well-organised and despite the bad weather it was a very pleasant day. The food was excellent.”

Al: “My guests visited us from England especially for the Spa race and they were naturally a bit worried about the weather forecast. So the hospitality lounge was very much appreciated and in fact they enjoyed more than just a dry, warm space. They commented on how friendly everyone was and how nice it was to casually meet up with TMG members and chat about the race. It was particularly special to visit the podium and join all TMG members for the small celebration after the race; this really made their day and was a memory they will treasure for a long time”






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