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We are family! Under our 2018 slogan “one for all, all for one” our employees and their families joined together on Saturday June 23 to explore TMG and spend time together during our Family Day.

The timing couldn’t have been better, coming just a few days after winning Le Mans, but the day was about more than one race. TMG opened its doors to allow employees a chance to show their friends and family a look behind the scenes. TMG has a story to tell therefore production facilities, research and development areas and workshops were opened up for colleagues to show their work place to excited family and friends.

The list of areas open to all was almost as big as the smiles on the guests’ faces: chassis workshop, CNC production, composite, quality control, chassis test bench, engine workshop, engine test bench, electric and electronics, driving simulator and the track trucks. Thanks to the friendly help of volunteer staff who represented the respective areas the event was a big success.


“I very much liked the idea of departments opening their doors. It has been very a nice opportunity to get in touch with people from other departments and talk about their work. I felt like this improved the overall team spirit in the company even more,” said Marc.

Those interested in TMG's history had the chance to get lost in our museum. A place to let the heart beat faster, for big kids and little kids alike! While the grown-ups enjoyed one or two glasses of wine, the younger guests chose from a variety of entertainment opportunities. A bike slot car track, XXL Twister, rodeo ride and a car for them to paint were just some of the things keeping them busy.

Those who wanted to experience fast-paced action and excitement were able to compete in head to head action at our LMP1 pit stop challenge to see who can change tyres the fastest. The driving simulators, equipped with virtual reality goggles, provided a fantastic opportunity to show off driving skills by piloting a TS050 HYBRID at Fuji Speedway. 

"My family and I found the Family Day event to be really fantastic. We were especially impressed with the vast variety of food available and the roast ox was particularly memorable.  All of the staff and volunteers working at the event were helpful and friendly throughout. Thank you for setting up such an event for us. We are looking forward to the next one," said Max.

To capture the atmosphere of a special day, a photo box was present, although there were plenty of amusing photos taken from our professional photographer elsewhere during the day.

For TMG employees, the success at Le Mans was still fresh in everyone’s minds. It’s possible to win Le Mans for the first time only once and all TMG employees have waited too long for that moment, so the company celebrated together later in the evening. And they were not alone; Sébastien Buemi, one of the Le Mans winners, joined and provided one of the highlights when he participated in a photo session for guests in front of the winning car and trophy.

After waiting so long for this celebration, it had to be one to remember and the special musical guests ensured that. Cologne’s biggest band, Kasalla, hit the stage to get the party started with typical ‘kölsch’ flavor. The DJ, who took over afterwards kept the dance floor packed all night long.

The celebration was a special highlight of the year; a happy gathering of colleagues and families, from top management to the entire workforce. It brought enjoyment, fulfillment and a chance to be ourselves. Sophie said: “A fantastic event! It didn’t feel like celebrating success with colleagues, it felt like celebrating success with teammates!”

"The employee day and following party was truly a fitting way to celebrate our victory at Le Mans this year. It was a great and rare opportunity to show our families the whole company and where we actually work, and on the social side all I saw were smiling faces and great team camaraderie. It was really nice to catch up with colleague’s families too, and the nice weather helped too," said Hamish.

Uli added: "It was fantastic. The quality of food, drinks, music and entertainment was outstanding. Everybody in all open areas was very friendly and interested in answering questions from me and my guests. It was a great opportunity to show the company to two old friends of mine who never had the chance to visit TMG and they were more than impressed. I think it’s good to have such an enthusiastic feedback to remember in which great environment and on which amazing projects we are working!”

“Of course, the atmosphere was very positive and friendly, and it was a nice surprise to see some of our colleagues not based at TMG present to enjoy the evening”, added Alastair. “I have to say hats off to Oliver and his canteen colleagues who did an absolutely amazing job of preparing delicious food quickly, and always with a smile. In fact, anyone who was working to make this event happen deserves our thanks. To see a band such as Kasalla was really a highlight and you could see how impressed and surprised many of the guests were; this really got the party started!”

“I would like to say that I really, really appreciate that TMG is at all bothering to organize such outstanding events for its employees. This should not be taken for granted. My guests are always pretty impressed by our events,” said Marc.

After Le Mans is before Le Mans and we return to our business of winning races and making ever-better cars. We thank all our employees for the great commitment, the work carried out using that perseverance and dedication!






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