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NOVEL-Lexus ISF CCS-R finishes second n the SP8

Farnbacher: category pole – but early retirement in the race

All-area upgrade for the GT86 CS-Cup a major success


In the fourth VLN round, held in torrential rain and temporarily in dense fog, the NOVEL-Lexus ISF CSS-R (#136) delivered in particularly impressive style. In the practice session, Klaus Völker, Horst Baumann and Michael Tischner secured third grid position in the SP8 category (62 grid position overall) and in the race, the three Germans even upped the ante by finishing second in the class and 51st in the overall rankings.
Meanwhile, things didn’t run that well for the Lexus RC-F GT3 of the Farnbacher brothers, Dominik and Mario. They dominated the practice session and secured the SPX-category pole with a massive 11.13 second lead over the second-placed SPX vehicle (39.143 seconds behind the overall pole). Their race, however, came to an early and sudden end when they were stopped by technical failure on lap four. “Due to a technical problem we couldn’t finish the race,” Dominik Farnbacher said later. “But at the end of the day, enhancing the RCF GT3 and putting new components to the acid test is the task of Emil Frey Racing and Farnbacher Racing.”

As usual, TMG GT86 Cup also was held within the framework of the VLN. In 2016, this TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH makes cup is held at the Nürburgring Nordschleife for the fourth consecutive year. The TMG GT86 CS-V3 is a close-to-production racing car with spare-part service and technical on-site service, thus representing the ideal basis for perfect motor racing at reasonable costs.

In the run-up to the fourth round of the season, however, TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH developed an upgrade for the GT 86 CS-V3, turning the car in the so-called CS-Cup and proving to be a massive gain for all those involved: new air box, new aero kit, more torque, more power (214bhp) improved clutch, a new gearbox adjustment, better brakes and the weight reduced by 80kg. “The aero kit proved to be a true gain,” said Florian Wolf, who won the race held in adverse condition together with Nils Jung for Ring Racing, thus extending the championship lead. “The V3 already delivered in great style but the upgrade kit has taken us to another level.” His team-mate, Nils Jung, also was wowed: “You can feel the additional downforce particularly in the fast corners, we now often are racing in a higher gear.”

An assessment that also was shared by Thomas Lampert who took the flat-engine coupé entered by Swiss Racing together with Manuel Amweg to second place. “In several sections of the track it felt as if you were driving a completely different car. The CS-Cup is a major step forward,” he said.

Third place was secured by Brody, Bruno Barbaro and Olivier Muytjens for Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith and the feedbackt of Team Principal and driver Muytjens also was extremely positive: “Improved torque, improved gearbox, improved brakes, clearly higher cornering speed – driving this car just is huge fun.”  

Nico Ehlert, ‘Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport’ was delighted about all these positive reactions. “We invested a lot of development work into the new upgrade package, here at TMG. Therefore I’m really happy about all the positive feedback. And I think that teams and drivers will need some time to accustom to the upgraded car and will be able to squeeze the maximum out of it.”

On 16th July teams and drivers will have the next opportunity to do so: in the fifth round of the VLN season held at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.





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