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Do you want to put all your theoretical knowledge into practice, gain operational experience and broaden your skills? We offer a variety of options for you to work with our employees, experts and specialists in a fascinating high-tech environment. We are offering a unique opportunity to prove and recommend yourself for a possible future employment.

Whether in an internship or as an accompanying effort alongside the preparation of your thesis, at TGR-E you will be able to put yourself to the test as you master demanding tasks at varing levels. We ensure that you will experience comprehensive introduction, support, and coaching during your entire stay with us. To ensure a mutually successful implementation of projects, experienced experts will be available as your personal mentors throughout.

We are looking for committed male and female students who have a basic understanding in their specific field. The required standards are:

- That you complete a mandatory internship and/or a final thesis

- A minimum duration of six months (combined internship and subsequent thesis is possible)

- Very good command of the English language (in speech as well as in writing)

- Successful completion of the first three semesters

Come on in, welcome to our Home of High Performance.