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What kind of projects do our students work on at TGR-E? We let them tell you in their own words...

"The goal of my thesis was to collect data from a simulated environment, such that object recognition is possible. With the detection of objects and additional information provided for each object ultimately short range trajectory planning should be possible," Diogo.

"The main task was to work on the computational simulation of the behaviour of composite materials during highly dynamic scenarios. The main focus was on the impact-absorbing structures of the LMP1 car which is subjected to a mandatory homologation crash test," Phillip.

"Working in supply chain management, I analyzed all the processes concerning the raw material. Afterwards I developed improvements for the weaknesses I found and implemented them in the running processes," Robert.

"This project is my master thesis and the main task is to design, develop and improve the current wind tunnel acquisition system. The basic concept is to have a proper alternative/improvement to the current PIV system. This will integrate the aero data that will be collected during a wind tunnel test," Adam.

"The detailed planning and control of the production resources from the CNC manufacturing department is very hard to handle or needs a disproportionate effort with the used software tool. A software tool that can help to counteract these issues is a so called Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The core tasks of the MES includes the management of production resources as well as the detailed planning and control of the production orders and the efficient use of all production tools," Till.


"The target of this project was to design and enable the production of lightweight components using additive manufacturing for the racing prototypes. This included the development of the processes and material testing. During my internship, my principal tasks were divided into four sections: design of parts, material testing (procedures, results analysis etc), material management and close cooperation with other departments," Enrique.

"The aim of project was building and calibrating CAE valvetrain model for evaluating dynamics effects on high performance engine. Step-by-step I upgraded the system, using dedicated software according to knowledge acquired and correlating the results with measurement data," Remy.

"The project’s goal was to create an entirely checked and updated process manual for the Human Resources department. My task was basically to consider, check and think about existing processes," Leonie.






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