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This is Arne Kendzia, a Senior Engineer Chassis Test Bench at TMG. Cologne-born Arne has been working at TMG since 2003 and has been connected to the company since doing his diploma thesis in mechatronics here. He is now a key figure in the R&D testing laboratory, which includes the high-performance transmission test system and the seven-post rig.

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Fact File

Name: Arne Kendzia

Nationality: German

Working at TMG since September 2003

Arne, what is your role at TMG?

As a test bench engineer I’m responsible for several test rigs with a focus on transmission testing and vertical dynamics testing with our seven-post test rig. In general, in our department, we provide testing services for TMG’s internal projects, but as well as for external customers.

How would you describe your work in three words?

To describe my job in three words, I would say: interesting, diversified, but challenging as well.

What does engineering mean to you?

For me, engineering is a way of finding techniques or using existing techniques to fulfil a very special type of job.

What projects are your most proud of at TMG?

I cannot highlight a special project but one of my first projects at TMG was the installation and inauguration of our high-performance transmission test system. That, as well as the development of this test rig over the recent years, is something I would say I am proud of.

What’s the most exciting part of working at TMG?

The most interesting part of my job is dealing with the wide spread of customers we have, but also with the WEC (World Endurance Championship) programme we run; there is a new task for me almost every day, so it never gets boring. If we had a test specimen on one of our rigs here and we finally see this specimen running on the track participating in a race it’s a very satisfying part of the job.

What career advice would you give to graduates looking to start a career at somewhere like TMG?

For job starters I would just suggest not being afraid of engineering because when you’re really fresh in the business or leaving university all those technical departments and especially in TMG with state-of-the-art machines and testing devices can be very scary for “newbies” in this area so don’t be scared, start to be an engineer.

Could you give us a brief description of the Transmission Test System?

The TTS is a high dynamic high power transmission test rig with the capability to introduce realistic loads into a gearbox - not only from the rotary point of view but also from the suspension loads. Furthermore, in recent years we introduced an HIL Simulation Circuit at the test rig so we are able to run a simulated driver and a simulated car on a simulated track with the gearbox being the only hardware in the room. 

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