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Your tasks:

  • development of engine and engine subsystems in terms of performance, fuel economy and emissions regulations, fail safe and drivability requirements
  • development and optimization of engine calibration process at the dyno and the track
  • optimisation of all engine control functions according to track and drivers’ requirements
  • engine control system calibration and application for powertrain and vehicle test
  • definition, planning, coordination, proceeding and analysis

The successful candidate will:

  • have a Masters / Bachelors degree in a relevant engineering discipline
  • have experience in comparable high-end surrounding
  • be a professionally trained engineer with preferably previous experience in motorsport
  • have experience with Direct Injection Gasoline Engine with Turbo System (Base calibration, Air Model, Torque Model, Boost control)
  • display good knowledge with relevant measurements tools and state-of-the-art TC-DFI engine development with focus on combustion, friction and emission optimization
  • show knowledge and experience with engine control systems

What we offer:

  • exciting projects and a place for technical freedom and innovation to get things moving
  • attractive benefits packages e.g. competitive remuneration, social benefits, 30 days annual holiday, car leasing, free on-site gym
  • a challenging, fulfilling workplace in a multi-national company within a familiar atmosphere - driven by fascination and passion
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